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Bathroom Location

It's a good idea to have a bathroom on every floor that has finished space. For example if you have a two-story home make sure you have at least a half bath on the main floor. At least one full bath should be located on any floor that has a bedroom. It can be very inconvenient having to climb floors to access a bath. Also, it is helpful to have at least one bathroom that guests can use without having to go through a bedroom. This makes your bedrooms more private. Try to have the bathroom located in a place it won't be obvious every time someone goes to use the bathroom. For example having a bathroom door opening to the family room would not be very good. It's helpful to be able to access bathrooms near bedrooms without being visible to people who are in the living areas of the home.

Have Bathroom Convenient to Outside Areas

Children often go outside to play. Having a bathroom near the outside door makes it easier for them to make a bathroom visit without having to track dirt throughout the home. If you entertain outside (such as in your back yard) then also try to have a bathroom convenient to that area.

Shared Bath

Separating the sink area from the bath and toilet area can allow two people to use the bath room at the same time. It is especially helpful to do this when two bedrooms share a bath. Also, putting the sink and mirror in a different room reduces the chance of the mirror fogging up.

 Making a Small Bathroom Feel Larger

Bathrooms are usually the smallest rooms in a home. The colors you choose can affect how the size of the room feels. Using light colors for your walls and fixtures will make the room feel larger. Dark colors will make the room feel smaller and more cramped. Making the walls, floors and fixtures similar in color may make the room more attractive to look at. Large mirrors can make the room feel larger. When choosing patterns for wallpaper a small pattern will make the room feel larger and large patterns will make the room feel smaller. Horizontal patterns on wallpaper will make the bathroom feel larger. Avoid using vertical patterns in a small bathroom (they make the room feel taller and more narrow). Skylights, windows, and glass block walls allow more light into a bathroom and help make it feel larger.

Smaller Fixtures for Small Bathrooms

If you are cramped for space in a small bathroom then consider using smaller fixtures in the room. You can buy toilets, sinks, tubs, and showers that are smaller and will use up less space.

Pocket Doors Can Be Helpful in Small Baths

Swing doors need space for the door to swing. If you have a small bathroom, a pocket door may be helpful because you won't need as much room available to use the door.

 Outdoor Light and Privacy

Glass blocks and skylights can provide good lighting to a bathroom and maintain privacy.

Built-in Medicine Cabinet

When building bathroom walls you can have a recessed pocket in the wall frame and put shelves in that space. Then put a door with a mirror over it and you'll have a built-in medicine cabinet. If you use a thicker wall (such as a 6 or 8 inch wall you could have a deeper built-in medicine cabinet.

Be sure you pick out the size of your medicine cabinet before the builder starts framing the walls. The builder will need to know the size of hole to build for the cabinet. If you wait too long to choose a medicine cabinet then the builder may need to redo the plumbing, electrical, and framing if your cabinet doesn't fit in the hole that is built.

 Linen Closet in Bathroom

Some homes have linen closets near the bath, rather than inside the bathroom. It's more convenient to have a closet inside the bathroom.

Storage Space on Door

A clothes hook on the door can be a convenient place to hang a bathrobe or other clothes. You can also get door mounted spice racks to hold smaller items that are used in the bathroom.

Floor Drains

A bathroom floor drain can help drain water from overflowing toilets, tubs, or showers.

Electrical Outlets

Remember to put an electrical outlet by the mirror. If two people share a mirrored area or double vanity sink you may want to have at least 2 outlets in that area. Try to position outlets so that cords don't have to go across sinks to use the outlets. Use GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters) outlets in bathrooms.

Have Additional Bath Accessible From a Hallway

Sometimes when a lot of guests are at your home it may be convenient to have an additional bath (such as the master bath) accessible from a hallway. This way if one bathroom is occupied people don't have to go through a bedroom to use the other bathroom.

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